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M I C R O     M I D A S
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If you wanna own something with Micro Midas, check this out !

Mcd "Sell me your smile"

Recorded in Tranås, 1997
Songs like: "the Finger", "Door", and "Consumer"
7 tracks, 27 minutes
60 Skr / $9 - Postage incl.

Comp Cd "Things start moving"

1 song by Micro Midas
"A good night"
+17 other bands,(Lifeless Image, Ulcer..)
Released on Fetvadd Records -1996
60 Skr / $9 -Postage incl.


"A swedish Hc/Punk Compilaton"
1 song by Micro Midas, -"Please"
18 other bands,..(Outlast, Ashram, Passage 4...)
Released on Wounded records -1995
60 Skr / $9 -Postage incl.
Split7" Micro Midas/ Tadpole

2 songs each, released Dec-98
Micro Midas:"Scratch" / "Use"
Fetvadd Records/Underground Records
50 Skr / $8 - Postage incl.


Tape copy from the Cd recording of a live concert in Tranås Oct-97. Proffesional sound, and popular songs. (6)
"Good'n easy", "In july", "Wishability"....

30 Skr / $4 - Postage incl.

the MM-Bonus Tape

A Leftover bonus tape, studio recordings never released.
"Step Aside" and "Sad Singer" from June-97, and "Evil" from Nov-98.
In addition to this you get some real early recordings, demo and rehersals....(3)

30 Skr / $4 - Postage incl.

If you wanna buy any of the other compīs,..ask by e-mail.

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