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Yeah ! What DID they all say ?

Micro Midas:Live- Tranås 971016 (cassett)
Micro Midas isn´t exactly metal but what the heck we have to be
openminded,right ? There are four tracks on this livecassett and they are
all great, but my favorite one has to be "Evil" (no not the Mercyful Fate one)
it´s combine DK´s and Black Sabbath in some strange way, you just gotta hear it.
All in all this cassett is great !

[Arvid] Swedish Metal Inquisition E-ZINE

MICRO MIDAS: [Sweden Tape/CD]
This is..hmm... how we say... different.
Not Thrash, Not pop, not Old School..
The singer sort of reminds me of the dude from FEAR.
Just not as violent. hmm.. I like it. good solid guitar and great lyrics.
It may not make you wanna mosh till you bleed but it shure makes you think:

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