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existed for 6 years , between 1993- 1999.
We played a kind of Punk/Rock.We started up with a more oldschool punk style ,mixed with a Bad Religion influence.
Later on we got into Hardcore and such??
Not many people had an excact idea about what to call our style.(Neither did we)
The last year or two it was more rock/punk mixed with hardcore/pop.

The band members :
Kåre Gundersen (Song), Fredrik Grehn(Guitar)
Jörgen Carlsson (Bass), Hans Månsson (Drums)

Old-members(ALL drummers):
Ante Holmqvist, Kalle Magnusson, Lasse Laurell and Lappen Rosendahl.

So, anyway....

We all live in Malmö in the south of Sweden.
Micro Midas had 33 gig's.(Sweden /Norway)
The debut cd was released in feb-97,
and got good reviews, all over.
Micro midas also made :
4 democassettes, one live demo/cd and several videos.
A split7" with Tadpole (Norway)
And, of course, participated on lots of compilations.

A cool and important thing to tell you about us is the fact that we were a great live band ! We always got a positive reaction under and after our gig's. People noticed that we gave it all and they said it was refreshing to see a band having such a good time on the stage.We all jumped around big time, and the dancing moves of Kåre/the singer was´nt that advanced, but it made the show humorous and Wild !
And of course we had NO nerves and really said what we like, and wanted to, from the stage.Most of our gig's have been appreciated to the extent that we are asked to come back, ...This is how we did it, first a gig for minimum fee(travel+some extra)then the payment always got better the next time.
So thank you everyone that did see a Micro Midas gig, or bought a Cd. It was mostly great fun, and a interesting time !!

Micro Midas   990515

Some kind of influence could be from:(?) ...
Dead Kennedys, Fugazi, Pennywise, Pixies, Weezer, Prong, Black Sabbath, Clash, Unwound, Refused, Shelter, Farside, Green Day Jokke&Valentinerne, Bob Dylan, Discharge, the Jam, Sepultura, Mudhoney, Biohazard, Sex pistols, the Pretenders, Strife, Tool, VoiVoid, Agnostic front, Big Black, Therapy?, Bad Religion, Dinosaur jr, L7, Nirvana, Funny Farm, NoMeansNo, Brick, Judas Priest, Drive like Jehu, Megiazone, M.O.D, .............
+ 62 more.